Cessna 310

The C-310 is a twin-engine aircraft. It is used as part of our integrated Commercial Training Program, and for pilots wishing to gain a Multi-Engine IFR endorsement. Our C-310′s are fully equipped for IFR flight and are available for charter.


Cessna 182

The C-182 is a four-place airplane with a little extra shoulder room as compared to the C-172. Perfect for scenic flights or single engine IFR Training, and is also available for charter.


Cessna 172 RG

The Cessna 172RG Cutlass is a four-place airplane similar to the 172 but with more power, retractable landing gear, and constant speed propeller. It is considered a complex aircraft and is used as part of our integrated commercial pilot training program. The RG is also available for rental to pilots with current 172RG experience, or for charter flight.


Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is a four-place airplane used for training, as well as for charter flights and rental. The Cessna 172 makes an excellent beginner trainer for those moving on to the 172RG (Retractable landing Gear) or Cessna 310 twin-engine aircraft.


Cessna 152

The Cessna 152 is a two-place airplane used primarily for initial training. It is a less complex plane to learn to fly and is great for shorter cross-country flights.


At Mitchinson's we have a total of 14 aircraft including 4 Cessna 152′s, 6 Cessna 172′s, 1 Cessna 172RG, 1 Cessna 182 and 1 Cessna 310.

Redbird FMX


Level II, full motion flight simulator with wrap-around visuals. Capable of single/multi-engine, standard instrumentation or glass cockpit. Used throughout PPL, CPL, Multi-IFR and Instructor rating. As well as scenario based training encompassing Decision Making, Threat and Error Management, CRM and much more. 

The Redbird FMX's full motion platform and wrap-around visual offer amazing realism and revolutionary training capability. It's multi-type, single or multi-engine, standard 6-pack or glass capability will enhance our PPL, CPL and Multi-IFR training programs, not only producing safer pilots but reducing training costs as well. The FMX is also certified for Instrument Rating renewals.