Flight training made simple with the Flight Training Syllabus and PGI's

Preparatory Ground Instruction (PGI's)

What are the “PGI’s”?
These are bundled with the cost of the USB stick, included in all Ground School Kits (also available separately) and go hand-in-hand with our flight training binders.

The PGI’s are pre-reading material broken out into slides, with pictures and diagrams – accessible online. These are referred to in your pre-reading checklists for each lesson in your Flight Training Binder.

If you’ve been set up, you can login online to view the PGI slides relevant to your lesson!

In addition to the PGI slides you need to review, there may be some textbook reading (i.e. “FTM” = Flight Training Manual) that is listed for your particular lesson as well!

That's it...easy as A-B-C!

A. Buy a Ground School Bundle (or buy the binder/PGI access separately)
…you will get your login credentials for the PGI access emailed.

B. You will be set up online for access to the PGI slides
…as well as downloadable lessons that are also found in your Flight Training Binder, so you have access to them anytime!

C. Complete the “required reading” list prior to each lesson
…every lesson (in your Flight Training Binder and also viewable on your PGI online) has a “required reading” list. Go through the applicable PGI slides and/or textbook reading assigned, and come to your lesson prepared with any questions you may have!