Why choose Mitchinson's?

Our People

We have an incredible roster of friendly dispatchers, instructors, and maintenance staff available to help you! All of our staff have experience within the industry and many are student pilots themselves who can provide first-hand experience flight training with us, what to expect, and where you can go in aviation. We also have many connections within the industry and can build your network within the industry setting you up for success as you progress though your career. 

Industry Leader in Knowledge & Experience

Mitchinson’s has been flight training since 1946, which has established our name and reputation across Canada. This experience is reflected in how we train our students to be well equipped quality pilots. Our four owners are also all Mitchinson Alumni, and fly with 82,500 hours combined experience. They are more than willing to give career mentorship and advice to our students to help them achieve their dream career!

Our Planes

Our flight training is done in Cessna 152s and 172s; the industry’s most popular single engine trainer aircraft. We are able to offer some of the most competitive aircraft rental rates in Saskatoon, saving you a lot of money in your overall license costs. Additionally, their high-wing design allows easy access for walkarounds and offers superior visibility in the air to help locate landmarks and geographical reference points. Our Fleet also consists of more complex aircraft preparing students for what they’ll encounter in the real world. 

Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO)

This means that we can do our aircraft maintenance in-house performed by our Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) on staff reducing lost time bookings and providing more reliable scheduling.

Contact with our maintenance staff also allows our students to have a greater knowledge surrounding the airplane, which is invaluable to being a well-rounded pilot.

Flight Training Syllabus & PGIs

We have developed a detailed syllabus and PGIs (Preparatory Ground Instruction) that give you all the information and reading references you need to know prior to each flight lesson, so you can come prepared and ready to go. This is provided as a physical copy in a Flight Training Binder to check off each lesson as you go, as well as online so you can access it no matter where you are. This reduces your instructor briefing costs and eliminates unnecessary bookings to keep your training streamlined. 

Our Redbird FMX Simulator

In fall 2015, we were excited to introduce the Redbird FMX Simulator to our fleet! The Redbird’s full-motion platform and wraparound visuals allow for a modern, cost-effective alternative to plane rental for instrument work and practicing procedures…and can be a convenient back-up plan if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with your flight booking!

Largest Staff of Flight Instructors in Saskatchewan

There is a demand in the aviation industry for pilots like there never has been before meaning that flight instructors are highly sought after by both airlines seeking to employ them, as well as Flight Training Units such as us! We are fortunate to boast the largest staff of flight instructors in the province, meaning that we are well equipped to help your dream of getting involved in aviation a reality!