Flight Instructor Rating

During this course you will learn how to deliver quality flight instruction for all licenses and ratings. You will gain experience in pre and post-flight briefings as well as air exercise instruction. Using the Transport Canada Flight Instructors Guide, you will develop and refine your instructional skills using lesson plans and briefings. Some solo practice is highly recommended.

Many pilots start their careers by flight instructing, which is a great way to build Pilot-in-Command time as well as gaining valuable experience to advance in the aviation industry.

Course Length

Anticipate 6 weeks if full-time, 3-4 months if part-time.

Transport Canada Requirements

  • Have a CPL;
  • Mitchinson’s requires a high school diploma or an equivalent secondary school completion;
  • Minimum 25 hours of ground school;
  • Minimum 30 hours of dual flight time;
  • Written exam with a pass mark of 70%;
  • Transport Canada Flight Test.

Note: The above training requirements represent TC minimums. It may take some students more time to complete depending on ability or if training flights are not consistently scheduled and flown.

Flying Breakdown

Cost Breakdown