Interested in flying? Let us help!

Thinking about whether you want to learn to fly but not sure what’s all involved? Let us help! A great way to decide if becoming a pilot is right for you is to try our Discovery Flight. It is an abbreviated ‘first lesson’ where you get to take control of the aircraft! Better yet— if you decide to go ahead with your training, you can use this half-hour to count towards your flight time requirements!

If you’re starting from scratch, you begin with the Private Pilot’s License (PPL). This is the first step for every pilot, regardless of your end goal. The PPL allows you to fly with passengers for fun and leisure, in a single-engine airplane.

From here, you can add on licenses and ratings depending on what you’d like to do! Visit our License and Rating Overview page for a directory of each license and/or rating that we offer. We also have a streamlined Professional Pilot Course; an integration of our offered licenses and ratings which saves you time and money. For licenses/ratings beyond a Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) or Private Pilot License (PPL), Mitchinson’s requires a high school diploma or an equivalent secondary school completion.

Getting any license has a similar two-part structure: Flight Training and Ground School.

Flight Training (and Flight Test)

Transport Canada sets the flight hour requirement for each license and rating type. Flight training has to meet their criteria for different exercises and techniques; for which we have designed curriculums for. Flight training is completed with a Flight Test by a Transport Canada certified examiner. 

You get to control your flight training schedule – we have set booking slots every day that you can choose from. Book twice a day or twice a week, whatever works best! Flying more often means you will finish more quickly and cost-effectively as the need for more extensive briefing and refresher flights is diminished. You can pay-as-you-go per flight, or put down a lump sum and ‘fly it off.’ 

Ground School (and Written Exam)

Transport Canada sets the ground school hours and criteria requirement for each license. Once completed, you are one step closer to being eligible to write their Written Exam (administered by a Transport Canada approved invigilator). Unlike licenses, many ratings do not require ground school or a written exam! 

If you’re just starting out, you don’t have to do your flight training or ground school in any particular order! However, it is ideal if you stagger it by giving your flight training a head start, and do a few flight lessons first. This makes it much easier in class to understand the theory components when you already have hands-on experience. 

Intrigued? The following chart makes it easy for you to navigate your way to piloting an aircraft!


Book a Discovery Flight

Here’s where the fun begins! We will put you in the pilot seat with an instructor for an abbreviated flight lesson – you don’t need a medical for a discovery flight!

If you’d rather get going, you can book your first full flight!

Call our Dispatch at (306) 244-6714



There are different categories depending on what license you are aiming for. Book an appropriate medical for the license you’d like to obtain; if planning on attaining the CPL, it is highly recommended to book a Category 1 Medical. All medicals (except the Category 4) must be done by a Transport Canada Medical Examiner.

The medical takes about an hour. Medical must be completed and processed by Transport Canada (takes 6-8 weeks) in order to go on your first solo flight, so make sure to do this right away

CPL: Category 1
PPL: Category 3
RPP: Category 4*
For a list of approved Transport Canada Medical Examiners, click here
* Category 4 can be done with your family doctor


Register for ground school

We have regular start dates throughout the year. Call now to register for the next available course. To guarantee your spot, you can pre-pay, as classes can fill up weeks in advance.

Click to learn about more about our ground school program!

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Set up your student profile

In person at MFC. A few minutes of paperwork, pick up any supplies you don’t have, and you are ready to start flying!

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