Drone Regulations

Flying Safely and Legally

  • In Canada all drones (RPAS) over 250 grams require registration with Transport Canada.
  • As an operator you will be required to write a multiple choice online exam to receive a pilot certificate for basic RPAS operation.

    You MUST have an RPAS pilot’s certificate and valid registration BEFORE flying your drone outdoors.

    The regulations on all outdoor RPAS operations whith aircraft over 250 grams are governed by part IX of the Canadian Air Regulations.
    You  can read the regulations in full on the government of Canada’s website: https://lois-laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-96-433



Only advanced drone operations are allowed above any city owned property including parks, civic buildings, and city owned lands. Operation over City of Saskatoon property requires prior permission from the City of Saskatoon and adequate insurance. Read more:

Speaking with the City of Saskatoon’s Solicitors office we were informed that underweight drones would be ineligible for flight over civic land as they are not registered with Transport Canada.