Tyler Adams – First Officer: Encore and Kenn Borek Air

Hi, my name is Tyler Adams. I am a First Officer at Encore on a Q400. Prior to that I was a First Officer with Kenn Borek Air Ltd. and a former flight instructor with Mitchinson Flight Centre. Having had the opportunity to fly and experience the Artic, Antarctic and much between, I can’t help but think of how much I owe to the people and team that make up Mitchinson Flight Centre.

Mitchinson has helped shape me into the pilot and working professional I am today. This has allowed me the chance to establish myself in an industry with so much opportunity. Having personally taught current and up and coming recreational and career pilots, I can say Mitchinson is the most focused and student success oriented of anyone in its field. Training with Mitchinson allows for an endless number of possibilities and numerous opportunities to further yourself as a pilot and professional in today’s ever changing aviation market.

The connections and relationships made while spending time at Mitchinson Flight Centre allows pilots to build a strong and focused network of individuals already immersed in the aviation world. Having a team of leaders in both the training and the airline sides of aviation, means your chance of success in a very competitive industry is greatly increased. With hard work, focus and guidance from the same team that was there as I built myself into a pilot, your goals will become that much more focused and attainable.

If you are interested in training to a recreational or commercial pilot level, Mitchinson Flight Centre has the resources, team and proven methods that allow for the most effective and efficient road to your goals.

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