Tom Kumaran – First Officer: Jazz CRJ

In the summer of 2017, I competed in the Webster Memorial Trophy Competition that was being hosted by Mitchinson Flight Centre. I was so impressed with the warm and welcoming environment that I ended up moving from Ontario to come work as an instructor.

In my time instructing, I was really impressed with the active involvement of all levels of employees into ensuring that MFC offered the highest quality in flight training. MFC provides a great variety of options for Private Pilots and those with aspirations to do it as a career. I wholeheartedly enjoyed my experience teaching and training at this flight school and would recommend it to anyone! MFC has been very supportive, encouraging and accommodating in ensuring that I succeeded along with every student undertaking training. This industry has been an absolute joy and an amazing learning experience at the private and commercial levels, and I encourage those with the right aspirations to pursue it!


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