Ryan Leier – Encore Captain Q400

From my first time walking through the doors at Mitchinson Flight Centre the staff was knowledgable and friendly. I went for a discovery flight and was instantly hooked and knew that being a commercial pilot is what I wanted to do in life. The summer of 2009 I started my private pilot licence training at MFC. The following January I attended the SIAST (now Sask Polytechnic) Commercial Pilot Program while working towards my Commercial licence and multi engine IFR. During the final stages of my commercial training I was offered a job instructing at MFC and I graciously accepted. I finished all my training including an instructor rating in February of 2011.
The knowledge and experience that MFC has is an asset for any student wanting to learn how to fly. Whether you are wanting to learn to fly for a career or hobby MFC is the place. From both perspectives as a student and instructor I enjoyed the professionalism the school offers. I would not be where I am today without the experiences and contacts (who are now friends) that I made during my time as a student and instructor at MFC.
After instructing for 2 years I became a Saab 340 first officer at Transwest Air, during my time there I became a King Air 200 captain in northern Saskatchewan. I am now currently a Q400 captain at WestJet Encore. I can definitely say that my career wouldn’t have progressed as it did without the great times I had at MFC.

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