Flight training made simple with the Flight Training Syllabus and PGI's

Taking control of your flight training is now more streamlined than ever! Our Flight Training Syllabus and PGI's are unique to Mitchinson's and set us apart -- and set YOU up for success. See below for more information on how to use them to your advantage, which will save you time and money... and help you get that license finished more quickly!

ppl What is the Flight Training Syllabus?
It is the white binder that is included with every Ground School Kit (also available to purchase separately). It is mandatory and goes through each of your lessons, one by one, with a breakdown of what you need to pre-read.
 lesson Why?
When you come prepared to each lesson, it cuts down on briefing time and potential repeat flights; saving you time and money. It gets you the most bang for your buck in each flight lesson, and allows you to see the layout of your license. It also helps you better understand your progress level. This allows you to be more in control of your own flight training! Bring your binder to each lesson -- there is also an exercise book in there for you to write down lesson notes and diagrams!

There are also hidden 'surprises' in the binder you might want to be prepared for...

lookahead   arriveready1
Look ahead
Some lessons will have extra 'tasks' for you to complete when you show up for your booking... so make sure you are prepared!
Arrive ready
It's not just for our own entertainment -- being a pilot means you need to be well-rounded and situationally aware. If you are unsure, come with questions!

PGI's (Preparatory Ground Instruction)


What are the "PGI's"?
These are bundled with the cost of the USB stick, included in all Ground School Kits (also available separately) and go hand-in-hand with our flight training binders.

The PGI's are pre-reading material broken out into slides, with pictures and diagrams - accessible online. These are referred to in your pre-reading checklists for each lesson in your Flight Training Binder.

If you've been set up, you can login online to view the PGI slides relevant to your lesson!

In addition to the PGI slides you need to review, there may be some textbook reading (i.e. "FTM" = Flight Training Manual) that is listed for your particular lesson as well!

(Don't get mixed up with the Flight Office Login -- that's for making your flight bookings!)

syllabus bottom

That's it ... easy as A-B-C!

A. Buy a Ground School Kit (or buy the binder/PGI access separately)
...you will get your login credentials for the PGI access emailed.

B. You will be set up online for access to both PDF and PowerPoint (PPT) versions of the PGI slides
...as well as downloadable lessons that are also found in your Flight Training Binder, so you have access to them anytime. Login here (don't get it mixed up with the online booking login)!

C. Complete "required reading" list prior to each lesson
...every lesson (in your Flight Training Binder and also viewable on your PGI online) has a "required reading" list: go through the applicable PGI slides and/or textbook reading assigned, and come to your lesson prepared with any questions you may have!