New Student Flight Package

New Student Flight Package


Interested in learning how to fly? Start with Mitchinson Flight Centre!

We are one of the longest running flight training units in Saskatchewan training Private and Commercial pilots since 1946. Our students have gone on to fly in numerous roles from flights to remote locations all the way to major airlines across the globe!

This package is perfect for new students! It includes five flight hours with an instructor for the price of four using one of our Cessna aircrafts, one of the most reliable basic training aircrafts for new pilots.

When you arrive at Mitchinson Flight Centre, you’ll meet an experienced instructor who’ll give you a pre-flight briefing to discuss safety information, what to expect on your flights, and then take you out to the aircraft you’ll be using.

Let’s go FLYING!! Your first flight will last approximately one hour and will introduce you to the basics of flight. From there, your instructor will take you through the fundamental aircraft controls and give you more and more opportunities to fly the plane. By the time your fifth flight hour is complete, you’ll have had the opportunity to perform the take-off and landing – you won’t want to stop!

To book, please call us at 306 -244-6714.

Offer only open to new Private Pilot students who are yet to complete a solo flight. Flight hours only; ground sessions and briefing time not included.