Dominique Beaulieu – WestJet Boeing 737 First-Officer

I currently fly as a First Officer on the 737 at WestJet and can attribute my success in aviation to my roots – Mitchinson Flight Centre.  I completed my training there all the way to the instructor level and was hired by Mitchinson.  I spent three great years instructing there before progressing in my career.  I was able to see both sides of Mitchinson – as a student and as an instructor.

During my own training I felt that I was getting quality instruction that went over and above the basic requirements to get a licence or rating.  My instructors believed in me as a person as I progressed through my training and that, coupled with my own motivation, allowed me to really succeed.  I felt a personal connection with the instructors and their genuine interest really drove me.  In addition to the hard skills I learned, I also feel that Mitchinson provided me with the “big picture” of a career in aviation.  I developed as a learner, leader, communicator, and team player all while becoming a competent pilot.  These skills were really put into practice as an instructor and I still bring them with me every time I fly.

The tight-knit community at Mitchinson fostered a certain amount of assertiveness and communication amongst its students that I later observed while working with them on multi-crew turbo-props throughout Saskatchewan.  I’ve been away from Mitchinson for several years now but still make regular visits to the lifelong friends I’ve made there.  The wealth of knowledge and experience that the owners bring to Mitchinson will surely allow future students to have the excellence in training that I received.

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