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We are pleased to announce that we will be resuming limited flight operations on Monday May 25th 2020. Due to the continuing threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have implemented some necessary changes to comply with existing Health Canada guidelines. The safety of our staff and customers is our utmost priority and we ask for each of our customers’ cooperation and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times. Please review the changes to our normal operating procedures and customer requirements outlined below (prior to each booking) and come prepared accordingly. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from our facilities and a temporary restriction on flight training activities until the below criteria can be met.

Customer Requirements:

Customers will be required to have the following equipment and documentation with them during each lesson. Failure to bring any of the required equipment and/or documentation will result in the lesson being cancelled and the customer responsible for paying a cancellation fee equal to the entire cost of the scheduled lesson.

PPE – Mask (Due to the lack of social distance in the cockpit, customers and instructors will both be required to wear masks at all times while in the aircraft and at any time a minimum separation of 6 feet is unable to be maintained. Customers are required to bring their own masks (either re-useable or disposable).

Lanyard (A lanyard will be supplied on the initial visit and must be brought each time as it will be used to gain entry to the facility after screening.)

Headset (We will no longer be offering short term headset rentals. Instead we encourage customers to buy their own headset. MFC will be offering limited long-term headset rentals available for an initial payment of $200.00CAD for one year or until training is complete (PPL, CPL, ME, IFR), whichever comes first. $150.00CAD will be credited to the customer upon the return of the headset in good working (pre-existing) condition. Customers will be responsible for the full amount ($200.00CAD) of the headset if lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Alternatively, customers may pay for the repair cost if less than the replacement.

Reflective Safety Vest or Stripes (In an effort to minimize contact MFC will no longer be giving out reflective equipment. Customers are required to obtain their own reflective safety vest prior to being granted access to the flight line. MFC will have vests available for $5.00CAD for customers wishing to purchase them.)

MFC Flight Itinerary Form (All customers must fill out this form prior to any flight (dual or solo). Once completed online, the form must be emailed to prior to the purposed flight. A copy of this form can be downloaded on our website at

Assigned Homework & Studying complete (As always customers must come prepared for each lesson. This is particularly important now as this minimizes time spent at the hangar briefing and helps maintain on-time performance. Failure to come adequately prepared will result in the lesson being cancelled. Following each lesson, ask your instructor what your next lesson will cover and review the lesson plan for the next flight to ensure you are properly prepared.)

For Cross Countries – Nav log, Map & Flight Plan filed (The entire Nav log and map work must be completed along with the flight plan filed prior to arriving at the school. This ensures that minimal time is spent at the hangar preparing for the flight.)

Changes to Daily Operations:

  • Currently we are only able to provide training towards the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) including Multi-Engine (ME) and Instrument (IR) ratings. We are unable to intake new students until Transport Canada allows initial aviation medicals to be completed. Additionally, we are unable to provide aircraft rentals to licensed pilots for recreational purposes.

  • Bookings will be lengthened to 2-hour slots and staggered every 30 minutes to allow for adequate cleaning in-between flights and to ensure on-time performance (actual lesson times have not changed). To better facilitate this, bookings will only be available via telephone (306-244-6714) or email ( only (No online bookings).

  • Entry and Exit (other than to the flight line) will be available from the main (west) door only. All doors (including the main door) will be locked from outside access. Upon arrival at your designated booking time, knock on the door for access into the building. (If no answer, call the office at 306-244-6714). A sign in/out system will be in place to keep track of individuals entering and exiting.

  • Only customers who have scheduled bookings or who have pre-arranged an appointment will be permitted to enter our facility. We will not be allowing visitors or passengers on any flights unless approved under special circumstances by MFC management (CFI, CP, Owners).

  • Customers will not be permitted to enter our facility any earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled booking time. Customers arriving late in excess of 10 minutes will not be permitted to enter the facility, have their booking canceled, and be responsible for a cancellation fee equal to the entire cost of the lesson.

  • When entering our facility, customers will be required to go through a screening process and have their temperature taken to determine their risk of exposure to the coronavirus. Anyone not meeting the eligibility criteria below will be asked to self-isolate for a minimum period of 14 days prior to continuing their training:

    • Do you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, or difficulty breathing? (yes/no)

    • Have you travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days? (yes/no)

    • Have you travelled to another province or an area within Saskatchewan where travel restrictions apply (as per the Saskatchewan Government guidelines-COVID 19 updated daily) within the last 14 days? (yes/no)

    • Have you had close contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case? (yes/no)

    • Have you had close contact with a person with an acute respiratory illness who has been outside Canada in the last 14 days? (yes/no)

  • Customers will only be permitted in designated areas (dispatch office, classroom, main hangar during transit & washrooms). Areas such as the staff lunchroom, CFI/back office(s) and other briefing rooms are strictly off limits to customers for the time being.

  • If the dispatch office or classroom exceeds maximum capacity, some individuals may be asked to wait outside temporarily.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout our facility and is encouraged to be used as much as possible.

  • Following a lesson, flight times are to be read out to dispatchers to minimize contact. Additionally, customers will be asked to leave the facility without loitering to minimize any unnecessary time spent in the building.

  • Pilot Training Records (PTR) will now be filled out exclusively by instructors and are off limits to students.

  • Customers are encouraged to have credit on account to pay for their flight training, however, as an alternative we can store a credit card on file to be charged after each lesson.

To have your name added to our training list, please contact us at 306-244-6714 for more information