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Whether you are planning on flying as a hobby or as a career, getting started is very similar. The following chart makes it easy to navigate your way to piloting an aircraft!




Book a medical

 There are different categories depending on what license you are aiming for. Book an appropriate medical for the license you'd like to obtain; if planning on attaining the CPL, it is highly recommended to book a Category 1 Medical. All medicals (except the Category 4) must be done by a Transport Canada Medical Examiner.

The medical takes about an hour. Medical must be completed and processed by Transport Canada (takes 6-8 weeks) in order to go on your first solo flight, so make sure to do this right away!

CPL: Category 1
PPL: Category 3
RPP: Category 4*
For a list of approved Transport Canada Medical Examiners, click here
* Category 4 can be done with your family doctor


 Book a Discovery Flight

for $75 we will put you in the pilot seat with an instructor for an abbreviated flight lesson! This is optional -- if you'd rather get going, you can book your first full flight!

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Register for ground school 

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Set up your student profile

In person at MFC. A few minutes of paperwork, pick up any supplies you don't have, and you are ready to start flying! 


Start Your Career

Get your career started today by contacting our team for more information.

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