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My journey with Mitchinson Flight Centre began at an open house for the new students of the Sask. Polytechnic Commercial Pilot program. I began the program holding only a Private Pilot License which I attained at my home in Regina. Moving to Saskatoon meant I needed a new school to continue my training. The Mitchinson open house was a great opportunity to discover what Mitchinson’s could offer. The owners, instructors, and staff were very approachable and informative.


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Hi, my name is Tyler Adams. I am a First Officer at Encore on a Q400. Prior to that I was a First Officer with Kenn Borek Air Ltd. and a former flight instructor with Mitchinson Flight Centre. Having had the opportunity to fly and experience the Artic, Antarctic and much between, I can’t help but think of how much I owe to the people and team that make up Mitchinson Flight Centre.



From my first time walking through the doors at Mitchinson Flight Centre the staff was knowledgable and friendly. I went for a discovery flight and was instantly hooked and knew that being a commercial pilot is what I wanted to do in life. The summer of 2009 I started my private pilot licence training at MFC. The following January I attended the SIAST (now Sask Polytechnic) Commercial Pilot Program while working towards my Commercial licence and multi engine IFR. During the final stages of my commercial training I was offered a job instructing at MFC and I graciously accepted. I finished all my training including an instructor rating in February of 2011. 




My name is John Kydd and at present I'm a captain on Boeing 737NG with WestJet airlines.  I've been very fortunate in my 22 years of flying, a career that started by gaining my PPL at Mitchinson's in the spring of 1993.  I'll never forget my very first 0.7 hours in a C152 with Bob Pearson.  





I currently fly as a First Officer on the 737 at WestJet and can attribute my success in aviation to my roots – Mitchinson Flight Centre.  I completed my training there all the way to the instructor level and was hired by Mitchinson.  I spent three great years instructing there before progressing in my career.  I was able to see both sides of Mitchinson – as a student and as an instructor.